• 2017.06.09 Blaricum Heights Knysna FireGarden Route Houses/Shacks Burnt: 1059 (not verified)
  • Garden Route Houses Damaged: 385 (not verified)
  • Knysna Uninsured Rate: 50% (according to survey, not verified)
  • Knysna Accommodation Buildings: 27 (400 beds lost)
  • Knysna Tourist Icons Affected: Timber Village, Pledge Nature Reserve and Featherbed Nature Reserve
  • Jobs lost: 2500 (not verified)

This page clearly needs more information but there’s currently too much conflicting information. Over the course of the next 3 months, this will be built into sections for structures, people affected, flora and fauna affected. Essential will be a timeline of the fire and how resources were allocated, as well as who was in charge of decision-making.